MCSS 2019 expect submissions on all aspects of mobile systems for computational social science including mobile system design, system technology, application, data analysis (qualitative or quantitative) and social experiments in mobile environment, mobile crowd sourcing, etc. Submissions covering social science research in mobile computing environment are especially encouraged.

We will invite to submit papers in the following areas:

  • Design, implementation and evaluation of mobile systems for computational social science
  • Experiment design of social and behavioral experiments using mobile technologies
  • Design and implementation of algorithms for mobile system applications
  • Architectural issues, including middleware and operating systems support for social applications
  • Integration of mobile technologies and cloud computing for social applications
  • Energy efficiency issues in designing socially-aware mobile systems
  • Mobile social sensing systems
  • Implementation of mobile technologies for psychological and health interventions
  • Integration of mobile and Web technologies for the analysis of human behavior
  • Deployment and testing of mobile systems for social analysis and applications
  • Data collection, anonymization and storage of social and behavioral data collected by means of mobile systems
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Inference of high-level contexts beyond location and activities (e.g., intention, preference, attention, emotion)
  • Inference of low-level contexts and locally driven activities (e.g., intention, preference, attention, emotion)
  • Large-scale data collection and experiments with crowdsourcing
  • Deep personal analytics and self-quantization for persuasive mobile applications
  • Detecting human mobility and analysis of human collective action
  • International comparisons of mobile infrastructures and political movements

Paper submissions will be limited to six pages. We indeed welcome short papers of less than six pages in length. Submissions should follow the formatting guidelines from

You can submit your papers at

Extended Abstract format for social sciences papers: Considering the different format of the conferences and workshops of the social science domain, we allow social science studies to be submitted in an extended abstract format. The selections will be based on the novelty of the submission and relevance to audience interest.

Important Dates

  • Paper submission due: April 26, 2019
  • Notification of acceptance: May 2, 2019
  • Workshop: Friday, June 21, 2019