KENS: KAIST Educational Network System

  What is KENS?

   KENS is an educational program simulating the basic components of an operating system kernel, as well as the socket, link and physical layers. KENS runs as a user-level process on top of UNIX/LINUX platforms, so that students can concentrate on implementing TCP/IP layers without a heavy burden of kernel compiling.


  What can we learn from KENS?

   KENS is designed to give students

  • hands-on learning experience about TCP/IP stack through working code
  • practical understanding of how network-related kernel codes are actually working
  • practical understanding of how internet nodes are operating inside the BOX


  KENS Team

   KENS is developed by nine KENS people and promoted by Network Computing Lab, KAIST. All of them are volunteers for the common good. We also thank for CS492B course students for their useful comments and feedbacks.

   Here are the people who have worked on KENS:

  • SungJae Jo: Project leader
  • Hyonik Lee: Project administrator, KENS Network layer
  • Hyunju Jin: Project administrator, Documentation
  • Sangyoung Chung: Modularization, Testcase
  • YongChul Kwon: KENS Network layer, KENS Datalink layer
  • DongSu Han: KENS Kernel Emulator, KENS Socket Library
  • SunJu Jang: KENS Transport layer
  • SeJin Oh: KENS Transport layer
  • Hyeontaek Lim: KENS Network layer
  • Prof. Junehwa Song: Project advisor and director


  KENS Preliminary Tutorial

   KENS preliminary tutorial is intended as a supplement to the network course lectures and designed for the programming assignments of KENS. The tutorial covers four topics; Socket API, HTTP web server/client TCP, IP, Firewall. Note that it just provides a summary of each topic. So, students taking undergraduate network course are encouraged to read the main text book!


  KENS Tutorial


  KENS User Guideline

   To successfully complete KENS assignments, it is very crucial to understand KENS architectures. Before delving into the assignments, we strongly recommend to read the following KENS overview document.


  KENS Code

   Currently, KENS-2.0 is released. Note that KENS codes can be changed without prior notice.
For downloading KENS-2.0, click the following;


  KENS Bug Report


  Legal Notice for Copyright of KENS
  These materials (including without limitation all text, images, logos, software, and design) are copyright 2005 Network Computing Lab., KAIST. All rights reserved.
KENS materials may be downloaded and printed (one machine readable copy and one print copy per page) only for CS441 students, noncommercial use only, provided that may material download or printed remains intact and all copies include the following notice in a clearly visible position: "Copyrighti 2005 Network Computing Lab., KAIST. All rights reserved."
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