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About :

The TIMES research group aims to develop technologies promoting media literacy, to improve the quality of journalism and public discourse. The Internet gives us unprecedented opportunities to create and experiment new types of public spheres, where people access and evaluate news and discuss public issues. We design advanced news services, develop related technologies, and study their social impacts. Our work is highly cross-disciplinary, bridging between mass communication and journalism, web science and information retrieval, and human computer interaction. We conduct research on various issues related to Internet news including

  • Tools and techniques for publishing, distribution, and sharing of news
  • New (social) media applications; interfaces; interaction techniques
  • Mass collaboration platforms for participatory news media
  • Media bias in Internet journalism
  • Media consumption behavior monitoring and analysis
  • Models for credibility, reputation, quality of news
  • Projects :

    NewsCube: A Computational Framework for Media Bias Mitigation

    This work is the first, unique attempt to resolve the media bias problem using computational methods. The bias of news media is an inherent flaw of the news production process, spanning news gathering, writing, and editing stages. At every single stage, news is probably never free from the producer's subjective valuation and external forces including owners and advertisers. The resulting bias often causes a sharp increase in political polarization and distorts social awareness on critical public issues such as Iraq war. The work provides a novel potential solution to the problem through NewsCube, an online Internet news service which can effectively mitigate the effect of media bias. NewsCube creates and promptly provides readers with multiple classified viewpoints on a news event of interest. It effectively helps readers understand a fact from a plural of viewpoints and formulate their own, more balanced viewpoints free from specific biased views.

    Enhancing Accountability of Journalists: A Computational Approach

    This work aims to develop a reporter monitoring framework, which continuously monitors the quality of individual journalists. With the rapid growth of the Internet, readers are increasingly overwhelmed with diverse media contents. Reporters often concentrate on simply grabbing readers' attention, rather than on improving the quality of their coverage. Some of them exploit sensationalism, heavily rely on press releases, and mass produce shallow coverage. The framework approaches to trace and evaluate each publication of reporters, and disclose the overall quality of reporters.

    Members :


    Souneil Park
    Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science Dept. KAIST.

    Seungwoo Kang
    Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science Dept. KAIST.

    SangJeong Lee
    Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science Dept. KAIST.

    Junehwa Song
    Prof. Computer Science Dept. KAIST.
    Prof. Graduate School of Culture Technology. KAIST.


    Sangyoung Chung
    Software Engineer, Samsung Elec.

    Youngju Sohn
    Software Engineer, NHN Corp.

    About Projects

    Publications :

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