Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

System Supports for Context-aware Services
 CAW (Context-AWarehouse): Making Hidden City Contexts Visible
 SeeMon (Context Monitoring Framework for Sensor-rich Mobile Environments)
High-performance Framework
 BMQ-Processor (Border Monitoring Query Procesor)
 DAS (Data stream Archiving System)
Advanced Infrastructure
(Middleware for Easy Development and Provision of Data-Driven Ubiquitous Information Services)
(Probablistic Resource Information Management for Shared Resource Platforms)
(Scalable And Traffic efficient data dissemination Infrastructure for sensor-based distributed information services)
(Middleware Architecture for Sensor Applications with Statistical Quality Constraints)
Ubiquitous Game and Supporting Platform
Service Applications


Peer-to-Peer System and Overlay Network

PISA (Peer-to-Peer Infrastructure for Advanced Internet Applications)

Advanced Media Service Framework


Networked Multimedia

VQM(Video Quality Measurement)
Web 2.0 service architectures
Virtualization and its applications
SARS: Semantic Aging Repository System
Telematics Education Tool Kit:
HiQMS: Hierarchical QoS Measurement System for VOD Service over Wireless Network
WDBAccel: A High-Performance Database Server Accelerator for Database-driven Web Sites
WADN: Web Application Delivery Network
SDN: A Service Delivery Network
HiCAS: A High-performance Content Aggregation System for
Web Syndication Services
WDMS: Web Services Transaction Dependency Management System
KENS: KAIST Educational Network System
SCANet:Sensor, Control, and Actuator Networks
Load Imbalancer:Differentiated Service for Clustered Web Servers
Recommendation system based on Behavioral Pattern Mining of Online Customers in E-commerce environment
A High Performance Content-based Router
A High Performance Internet Media Server
A Content and Transaction Distribution System for E-Commerce
A Hierarchical QoS Controller for Dynamic Load Sharing
A Middleware for Efficient Presentation of MPEG-4 Compressed Video
An Efficient Session Management Architecture for an E-Shopping Mall
A Unified Document Management System for Multimedia over Internet

Network Server Accelerator

Principal system architect (from 1998, IBM T. J. Watson Research). The prototype was selected by IBM’s network hardware division and is being productized as parts of IBM’s Nways Router Family (first version released in Dec. 1998).
Also the system adopted as a part of major sports event web sites including US Open Tennis, Australia Open Tennis, Masters Golf, and French Open Tennis since September 1998 and planned to be used in 2000 Sydney Olympic Games web site.

VIDEO VISTA (an integrated browsing station for High Definition TV)

Developed MPEG 2 browser as a part of VISTA (from 1996 to 1997, IBM T.J. Watson Research).
The system was taken by IBM Santa Teresa Lab as a core of MPEG-2 video processing for IBM‘s Digital Library product.

Isis (an multimedia authoring environment)

Played a leading role(from 1994 to 1995, IBM T. J. Watson Research)
The prototype was recommended as IBM’s strategic next generation multimedia authoring system.

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